Promoting natural regeneration

Protecting bushland and the places people love

Over 20 years of enhancing local bushland through manual weed control in Denmark, WA

Denmark Weed Action Group was initiated by passionate volunteers. The group began to receive funding as the environmental benefits of spray-free weed control became better recognised by community and government. Human health benefits are also recognised.

Treasure your natural inheritance

Our bushland provides a meeting place for families and friends and for recreation activities. It’s the landscape we look out to and a backdrop to everything we do. It is vital that we take an active approach to protect our natural capital, for present and future generations to benefit from and enjoy.


Protecting biodiversity and healthy ecosystems for local wildlife and nature lovers

“It’s very satisfying to be out in nature practising gentle and persistent stewardship of these bush reserves. As custodians we are maintaining healthy habitat and aesthetic values.” Diane Harwood

Forest Guardians

DWAG’s founder Diane Harwood features in this short film. She received the 2018 Community Citizen of the Year Award for services to the environment.

Weed Information

Click here for downloadable info and removal tips for a variety of invasive plants.

About us

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Find out about up-and-coming community events where you can meet other bushland enthusiasts, and get involved.

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Reasons to get involved…

“It’s a great way to learn about the native plants that grow around here.”
“I love walking in the bushland around town and want to keep it looking good so that my friends and I can continue to enjoy it.”
“It’s doing something useful that’s also fun with a lovely group of people.”

Support safe and sustainable landcare for future generations

Street address:
(at rear) 33 Strickland Street,
Denmark WA 6333

Postal address:
PO Box 142,
Denmark WA 6333

0448 388 720

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